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  1. All these videos are useful and interesting. Here you can find important tips about how to prepare yourself for a future job interview. You should tell the interviewer about your skills, attributes, studies and goals on a very clear and concise way. You need to show the employer self-confidence at all times. Also, the clothes you wear and your posture are very important factors throughout the interview. Remember to take a look at your resume before going to the job interview, since that is also an important aspect in order to leave a good impression.

  2. Very important the posture the clothes the people wear during the interview, the intonation, it’s important to sound positive and assertive, to convince them, mention 5 positive traits of your personality and one negative that you want to improve, and never say: ”I just need the job”. Highlight the skills and tell them what they are looking for..!!

  3. All of these videos show us some tips and a lot of important information that are very helpful in a interview for example they show us what to say and how to react with your interviwer. Also you can see in these videos how to drees in this events. We need to be ready to have success.

  4. All these videos helped me a lot to understand what i should and should not do during a job interview, for example: how i can dress, how i can prepare, what can i say and not. If you need help and tips for your first interview, I recommend you to see.


  5. If we want to do the best in our interviews we need to be ready about what are we going to do and say and in those videos we can find important information about how take advantage our skills and be succeed.

  6. Those videos are ver y important because they can show you how to react in the interview. You need to be prepared if you want to do a good performance and be successful. Your skills and your personal appearance are important too,also your attitude because is better for you feel confortable.

  7. With this videos you learn what to do and what not to do in a interview, they give us a good tips to be succes the day of the interview and the importance of show our positives skills, with that information we are ready to find a job!

  8. This videos are very helpful if you want to find a job, because in this four videos they explain very well what to say and what not to say to your interviewer, also how can you need to dress for that day and what to do with your body….it contein a lot of information and it`s very good for all of us.

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