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  1. My areas of improvement:
    I need to improve my fluency and structure when I speak.
    About this problem, I will listen more music in English and I going to practice with movies in English.
    Also I will practice with my classmates or persons from USA in Skype.
    Other idea is practice with my cellphone because exist several applications to learn English .

  2. Good morning…
    My areas of improvement in english are:

    listening: we should everyday take a hour and listen comversation en google,see a movie in english, listen book” audios…

    vocabulary: for my es very important learn 5 words for day, and learn to apply this words in conversation, for example i have a notebook and i wrote all word than forgot or is difficult the pronunciation.

    • Hi!
      My areas of improvement in english are:
      Structure: I will go to study one hours structures.
      I will go to review basics structures in Internet and basic´s books.
      Vocabulary: I will to search new vocabulary and practice two hours for week with one person in peace corps.
      Listening: I have one app in my celphone and computer (Italki), audibooks, youtube… and practice one hour for day with this app.

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