Hi, I am Marisol Araya Fonseca, a Costa Rican Certified Medical Translator and an English Professor. I have almost 20 years of academic and field experience in translating medical and technical documents, teaching translation courses and English as a Second Language courses and programs in public and private universities in Costa Rica. Besides teaching Translation courses and English courses at some universities like Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional, Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologia, Universidad Tecnica Nacional, and Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje, I have experience teaching private English courses to help Doctors, Nurses, and other personnel from the medical and pharmaceutical fields improving and maximizing their English language proficiency.
I am a Web-based learning environment researcher and a 21st Century English Professor with extensive experience in Blended Learning and the use of Web 2.0 tools to integrate technology into the classroom and support students achievement, teaching English in an engaging, challenging, collaborative, creative, motivational, and out of the box environment.
Some of my interests are the use of technology in the classroom, Ed Research, Web 2.0, Blended Learning, 21st Century Teaching, Emotional Intelligence applied to ESL/EFL teaching, professional development in ESL/EFL, Medical Translation, and activities I love like partying with my friends, swimming, dancing, going to the beach, traveling, going to the movies, reading, cooking, etc.
Open Tool Box is a blog created by myself and designed to provide students with the most essential information they need to get started in their sometimes overwhelming prospect of learning English as a second language and prepared themselves to find a job.This blog is tailored to their English program at INA. Here they can find important resources, as well as simple tips and hints on how to improve what they are learning.
This blog will be plenty of exercises, practices, suggestions, ideas to integrate the blog into the digital lives of our students, resources like videos, audios, and media in general to be studied in class and downloaded and accessed on their cell phones, mp3 devices, etc.
We would also like to share our blog with people from other INA Centers and people from all over the world as well. I invite you to take a look at the different sections. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, feel free to contact me at claveazul31@yahoo.com

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  2. marisol my friend, this is the fifth time I try to leave a message, as I’ve always said you’re a very intelligent woman, wise and enterprising among other qualities.
    I look forward to working with you. thanks for all this information, my children have so much fun!

  3. excelente esta ka pagina voy a aprovecharla.. muchas gracias muy buen contenido, me parece muy amigable y facil de manejar

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