Recording Ourselves

Recording ourselves is a new activity we just begin this week.  The main purpose of this project is that students can record themselves to monitor their English improvement.  Students report that at the beginning they felt nervous, especially because it was the first time they recorded themselves speaking in English.

12 thoughts on “Recording Ourselves

  1. I felt confortable and happy because now I know that I can do it :), that feeling was very nice because at the beginning I said to me “OMG I don’t know what to say, I look like a stupid girl” but then I said “ok you know that you can do it, so only try and be natural” and then I felt relaxed and I started with my presentation. The native speaker was very nice,she could understand me all words that I said to her,so I think that I did a good job.
    Also I know that I need to improve some aspects, for example: my pronunciation (with the “beautiful” Schwas =P), I need to open more my mouth and think that I can do it!!
    Some adjetives were: happy, exited,nervous, confortable….
    To conclude I felt nervous at the begining but then I felt confortable and secure with my english, so I’m so happy for that!!

  2. At the beginning I felt so nervous because it was my first video talking with a native and the camera made me feel uncomfortable, but then I felt better because I understood everything that the person told me and she understood me too… I think that i need to know how to handle my nervousness, I need to improve my entonation and I really need more speaking practice to be better every single day!!! It was a GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! 🙂

  3. When I started to talk was a little bit difficult, because I still need to improve some things, such as my shy personality when I talk in english, I need to feel more security of myself and I need to think faster and be more natural.

  4. I really liked the experience, at the beginning i was very nervous and afraid to be wrong, but then i felt more comfortable because i could see that we understood each other. I know that i need to practice more and try to improve my skills but i’m very happy because at least i know already that i can manage a conversation with a native speaker.

  5. At the beginning I felt nervous because it was the first time that I spoke with a native speaker but I was excited too. Later, I felt comfortable because I understood everything she told me. Now, I know that I can speak with native speakers but I need to practice more. I should improve my entonation and my vocabulary. Also, I need to handle my nervous and my fluency. It was a great experience to me and this let me know what I need to improve.

  6. At the beginning I was nervous, but then I felt more comfortable. I should have controled my nervousness. The native speaker was an easy going person with us. I need to improve more my fluency, since I want to speak faster everyday. I know that I have to practice a lot more in order to accomplish my goal…
    It was a great experience! I really liked it very much.

  7. the experience was good, i know him before so i felt more conformtable , it was good to speak with a native, but i felt worry about how i sound when i speak in english.

    i have a good grammar and also i understand when i read something.

    i need to improve my pronunciation and entonation, listening and the final consonants special in regular verbs.
    also i need to pay more attencion when i speak with a native of their pronunciation and entonation

  8. Well, At the beginning I was very nervous because It´s the first time to speak with a native specker but then I felt comfortable because they understood me. I would like do this activity more to improve my english level and It was a good experience for me.

  9. #1 by maurel on December 23rd, 2013
    i think that i said the things in the correct way but i feel so nervous,so i said somo words wrong and i move my hands all the video and i distract in some cases and i didin`t understand some words because of that buy i continue talking with him.But i feel goog when i was taking because i was understanding and said to him things…
    adjectives: nervous,reliable,comfortable

  10. ok, at the beggining I felt nervous and insecure, then I felt happy ’cause the person understood me , but I would like to talk more the next time, and I have to improve my entonation, but it was good with practice I can improve a lot..

  11. At the beginning was difficult, because i was very nervous and i was not sure if i could do it, but later i felt comfortable with myself because now i know that i can make a good conversation with a native speaker

  12. At the beginning is a little difficult, because you are nervous and at the same time you want to prove to yourself that you can speak another language. Then you trust in yourself and start to talk a little bit more.
    Anyway it is a good experiencie to talk in english with another person and improve our second language by practice.

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