Unit 2. What do you Do?

In this unit we will learn how to describe daily activities, how to describe our work and our school, and how to ask and give opinions. Regarding English Grammar, we are going to study the Simple Present Tense and the Time expressions.

Watch the following video about The Simple Present and then please write 6 sentences using the Simple Present (Three sentences using the verb To Be and three sentences using any other verb).


Click on the following links and practice the Simple Present.

Simple Present Practice 1

Simple Present Practice 2

Simple Present Practice 3

Simple Present Negative Form Practice 1

Simple Present Negative Form Practice 2

Simple Present Negative Form Practice 3

Simple Present Negative Form Practice 4

Daily Routines

Now, using the Simple Present let´s talk about our daily routines or our daily activities.

A Typical Day in The Life of Victoria Fontana

Daily Activities using common verbs


Now it is your turn! Please write your daily routine.











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