Unit 1 / Nice to Meet You

Welcome to Basic English and welcome to our blog.  In this unit we will learn how to introduce yourself, how to introduce someone else, and how to exchange personal information.  We are going to practice a conversation between two people who just met.  Regarding English Grammar, we are going to study the verb to Be, Possessive Adjectives, and Wh questions.

Activity 1:

Go to the English Grammar Reference and Exercises:  http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/simple-present/form and do the exercises with the verb To Be.

Now go to  http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/pronouns   study the Pronouns table and do the corresponding exercises.

Activity 2:

Let´s see how people introduce themselves:

5 thoughts on “Unit 1 / Nice to Meet You

  1. Hello guys. My name is Kimberly and i would like to tell you something about my experience at INA… It was a very exciting experience since the beginning until the last days. I learned a lot of things regarding the english skills, computer and technology skills. I improved in different areas such as, listening, reading, writing, understanding, pronunciation… and actually that’s the purpose of this amazing program! To teach you everything about english and to show different tools that make you an excelent student, person and a great english speaker.. Now i just want to tell you that, if you are here is because you deserve to be here, this is not destiny, this is what you need and what you want, fight for it, never give up and never say “i can’t”… when you think you can not continue or you can not do it because is so hard… think that you have everything to be great, you have everything to be different… And as my teacher said once, English language can be talked by everyone. Just work hard and you will get it.
    Good luck and take advantage of the program, try to enjoy it and always to be focus.
    Bye! =)

  2. My experience at I.N.A

    Hello to everybody!!! My name is Ana and I am going to tell you some things about my experiences at I.N.A, first at all it was very funny because I knew some things but I was not an expert and I used to make some fatal mistakes that maybe sound funny in the level that I have now.
    Basic is a excelent experiencies because you don’t know what to wait, I just arrived and looked faces everywhere and the teacher started to talk in another language and there were words that were difficult to catch on, for some classmates were more difficult because that was their first experience with the language but I proud of them because they made a excellent effort.
    I.N.A is an excellent place to share with people and find new friends, I can swear that I found excellent friends forever, and I´m completely sure that they are going to be part of my life, I spent around a year with them, it was awesome they were, and are like my family.
    As the time pass, everything become difficult for the reason you need to make a good effort, practice every single day and study like a crazy, but you know what? when you will finish this course, you wiil see all your effort in a certificate that is going to talk for you.
    I´m very happy and proud of myself because I was looking all my life how to learn english and I arrived to the best place that could give me that and more, this is not easy but every single thing that I did worth it now.
    If you start this course try to be the best and help the people that need it, you should show to you that you can do it, although you think all the contrary, I think you can do it as I do it… Good luck with everything and welcome to the challenge 😀 😉

  3. My Experience at INA 🙂

    Hello! My name is Julyana, I had a beautiful experience here because I met nice persons, I learned a beautiful language and my life changed and everything was for INA and my teacher.
    Since the first day of classes in December, 2010; I had a lot of classmates, everyone without experience in english and we really wanted to learn new things and obviously new language, I met beautiful friends here well we were together everyday for 6 hours, so we made a nice friendship.
    When I was in high school I really wanted to learn English, so I finished my high school and I had the opportunity to learn English at INA, that was a wonderful new for me, I started since Basic English when we learned the verbs, the structure of the sentences, family, food and all the basic things, then I passed to Intermediate 1 and with that course we were in Pronunciation 1 then Pronunciation 2, next we passed to Intermediate 2 and with that we took Reading and finally we took Advanzed, and the final course that we took is Técnico en Inglés, that is about customer service and INA prepares you to work in a call center, here you can learned how to deal with a customer and some important techniques. Marisol’s teacher is very nice, she explains everything in a good way that you can understand, and she helped us a lot.
    INA changed my life because now I have a very important tool and that’s my English with that language and can go and look for an opportunity, look for a job!
    My experience at INA was very special and nice because I made friends, I learned an important language and my life changed.

    —> If you want to learn English, you should be patient because that is a process so you need to go step by step and please STUDY EVERYDAY, you need to keep in touch with English every moment that you can. 😉

  4. * My experience at INA*
    hello guys!!! my name is Melany, i’m going to share with you my experience at INA. I have been studying English since 7 months ago, for me is an amazing experience, i wont lie to you, sometimes it was difficult and tired!!! but i dont regret about it.. ¿why? because i have been learning a lot!!! and now i can tell you that i speak English, and I’m aproud of myself!!! I know that i have to learn more things, but at this time i can have a conversation with someone from the united states, thats great!!! my advice is: never give up !! if i did you will!!!
    And let me tell you something, our teacher is one of the best teachers that i have never had!!! so you have 2 options:you learn or you learn!!! jajaajaja….
    ammm another thing is that you will share all the days of the week with your classmates, so is better that you since now have a good relation with them!!!

    **i think that is everything for now!! So Good look and enjoy this new experience that you’ll start!! be ready to learn!! remember that the course is free so enjoy it!! ** xD

  5. I’m Rafael from lagunilla my experience at ina was amazing here I learn a lot of good things like computer skills, grammar, listening and reading skills so I think this is going to be good to those students that want to learn but for real… I hope you will take advantage of it.

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